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Time with Jesus


Time with Jesus ('TWJ')  is a powerful prayer resource for children. By listening to Scripture and then using their imagination, children are lead to an encounter with Jesus.

TWJ can be used in a variety of settings, including children's ministries or in the family home. TWJ has been created as a resource to facilitate personal prayer - as such, the focus is on the child's personal encounter with Jesus.

The activity sheet can be used to help draw out their experience, and give you and the child deeper insight into their personal experience of God.

** Listen to narrator Celie Smith introduce TWJ below **



 TWJ is a collection of 13 bible readings and corresponding meditations, each going for about 5 minutes.

For a list of all 13 meditations click here.

** Listen to the TWJ meditation on the transfiguration of Jesus below **



For Those who Work in Children's Ministries

TWJ could be used as part of a lesson plan for a particular topic. For example, if you were giving a lesson on the resurrection of Jesus, you could;

* present the Resurrection story in your own creative way;
* do an activity with the children;
* ask reflective questions; 
* play the TWJ meditation 'The Resurrection' to facilitate a time of prayer; and
* use the TWJ activity sheet to draw out their experience.


For Parents/Carers

One of the lovely benefits to using TWJ in the home for family prayer, is hearing your child share their favourite part of their prayer time with you. It gives you intimate insight into their relationship with Jesus and how the Holy Spirit is working in them.

It can be helpful to begin by trying to create a quiet, prayerful space, free from distractions. Here are few ideas of how to do that:

* light a candle as a reminder of the gentle presence of the Holy Spirit within us, Who helps us to pray;
* say a simple prayer to the Holy Spirit eg. 'Come Holy Spirit';
* ask your child to close their eyes, breathe gently, and say Jesus’ Name;
* play a Christian song.


You could then listen to a TWJ meditation, chosen by yourself or your children. After the passage is finished, you can have them complete the TWJ activity sheet or simply ask your children to share what they enjoyed most in their time with Jesus.


TWJ is available to purchase as a CD or as a digital download (see below), meaning TWJ can help facilitate prayer anywhere, any time - from road trips, to bed time, and every moment in between!!

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