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God's Plan in Scripture



Teach Kids to Read and Understand the Bible

God’s Plan in Scripture (GPS) is a twenty-four-lesson parish and school program designed to take children on an amazing journey through the story of salvation.

The adult Great Adventure Bible Timeline® revolutionised Bible studies by dividing the Bible into twelve color-coded time periods that make it easier to follow its narrative thread. The GPS program brings that same colour-coding and chronological approach to children in grades K-6+ and is perfect for teachers, parents, grandparents, and homeschool groups.

God’s Plan in Scripture (GPS) has received:
- Nihil Obstat
- Imprimatur


24 Easy Lessons Give You the “Big Picture” of Salvation History


Introduce the Story

The Teacher’s Guide outlines the steps for each lesson, beginning with an opening prayer and activity (found in the Workbook) to introduce the story.

 Tell the Story

Read through the summary of the Bible story in the Storybook to understand its deeper meaning and context.

 Search the Story

Have students read the verses from the Bible, answering the specific questions from the Workbook.


Components of This Study Program



The Storybook is the central component of the G.P.S. program. This beautifully illustrated book will guide students, children, and families to read through the Bible together in twenty-four lessons and features Bible reading checklists, summaries, references to sacraments and to the Catechism, and more.

Teacher’s Guide

The Teacher’s Guide is designed for teachers to use along with the Storybook to make planning and teaching each of the G.P.S. lessons easy and fun. This single comprehensive resource can be used with each of the three workbook levels and features lesson steps, activities, snack ideas, answers to all of the workbook activities, and more.


The Workbook is available for three grade levels: Beginner K-2, Intermediate 3-5, and Advanced 6+. Each workbook is designed to help children process and retain what they have learned and features age appropriate activities and exercises including colouring pages, sorting activities, crosswords, decoding messages, map searches, Bible searches and more.


The Plays offer a supplemental group activity that will help children process the Bible stories in a new and engaging way. Twenty-four plays are included and can be acted out or performed as dramatic readings by intermediate and advanced level students. For beginner level classes, the plays can be performed by older students.


The color-coded bookmark is a simplified and kid-friendly version of The Great Adventure Bible Timeline Chart for easy reference. Children will love using it to mark their spot while reading and can reference the symbols on the card to know what period of salvation history they are reading from in the Bible.

Timeline Chart

The Great Adventure Kids Bible Timeline Chart is a color-coded, accordion-style folding chart that details the 12 periods of Bible history. With its vibrant colours and kid-friendly illustrations, this unique resource shows children the chronology of the Bible in a way they're sure to remember. This double-sided resource includes important maps, prayers, an explanation of the six historical covenants between God and man, and more.

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