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The Greatest Commandments




The Greatest Commandments – A 40-Week Spiritual Journey For Married Couples is an innovative and engaging multi-sensory product that seeks to help couples build strong and lasting Christ-centered marriages within the constraints of their busy and hectic lives. Packaged in an exquisitely crafted and visually stunning boxset, it serves as an impactful 40-week marriage strengthening program for married couples. 

Though best embarked on within the first 2 years of marriage, it is equally relevant and engaging for couples who have been married for many years. The package consists of a set of 4 highly engaging guidance DVDs covering 10 topics presented by the dynamic evangelist Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, 2 bookmarks on 25 ways to love each other (one each for Him and Her) and 2 prayer cards with a beautiful prayer to be better spouses (one each for Him and Her). The package also contains an access code that allows a couple to sign up for an account on the TGC website that would allow them to register their email addresses to receive weekly emails (one each for Him and Her). The program consists of the couple watching a 20-min video together at the beginning of every month (for 10 months) relating to a particular topic and then to automatically receive a weekly email (for 40 weeks) that will give them more tips and information on fortifying their marriage as well as challenging them to do something special for their spouses . 

Every video segment/topic correlates to 4 ensuing emails. Each email also has an MP3 audio file attachment link that is a recording of Deacon Harold’s or his wife Colleen’s narration of that email (for the husband and wife versions respectively) thus offering an engaging, personal and intimate journey with them over the 40 weeks. The MP3 files can also be transferred to iPods and other mobile audio devices for convenient listening. The product is a must-have for every married couple (especially newly weds) and also makes a great Wedding, Valentine’s or Christmas gift!

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