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Gabriele Kuby

Gabriele Kuby is a German author and international speaker on the global sexual revolution and Christian spirituality. Author of 12 books, including The Global Sexual Revolution – Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom.





The Global Sexual Revolution: The Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom (Gabriele Kuby)

Reviewed by Veronika McLindon


That is has received critical acclaim, as well as scathing defamation, is evident by the

fact German sociologist Gabriele Kuby’s The Global Sexual Revolution: The

Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom is seeing its fourteenth edition in

print since it was first published in 2012. In no danger of losing its relevancy or

traction, it has also been translated into more than 13 languages and counting, with

Portuguese and Belarusian translations currently under construction. Which is ironic

considering Kuby’s work did not receive a single review when it was first published

in her home country.

Perhaps this is because Kuby’s enemies prefer not to draw attention to the impeccably

researched and incisively presented arguments she makes in her book, condemning

the cultural and social capitulation to the new gender ideology currently engulfing the

West. Though she heavily focuses her study on the politico-social climate in

Germany, Kuby proves her home country is not just an outlying example of the

politicization of gender and sex. Rather, she illustrates how Germany presents just

one example that the entire western world is being increasingly overpowered by left-

wing militants who are on a nefarious mission to abolish all sexual and gender norms.

The Global Sexual Revolution leaves no room for misinterpretation in explaining that

if not curtailed, this new top-down revolution, which she sees as a natural extension

of the sexual revolution of the 1960s, will result in a wholly new world order– and

one in which the State, not the individual, profits.


Not a light read, The Global Sexual Revolution is nonetheless indispensable to

anybody wishing to understand the social engineering behind gender politics. It

presents a comprehensive body of data, which Kuby analyses expertly to clearly

demonstrate how the West has arrived at a place of cultural decay and crisis of

sexuality. Kuby presents her ideas orderly, beginning with the key ideas and players

in history upon which the new global sexual revolution is founded. She links key

factors at play in the overhaul of sexual and familial values, such as the rise of

totalitarian government in the twentieth century, the attack on the family unit, derision


of traditional sexual morality, as well as the war waged on Christian values, which

she sees as inextricable from Western tradition. She studies such figures as Karl

Marx, Margaret Sanger and Alfred Kinsey, illustrating how the culmination of their

ideas provide the ideological architecture of gender politics and its rise to power

through an organized and well-funded march through the institutions. The

implications of this are profound, which Kuby illustrates with examples ranging from

the continual drop in fertility rates across the West to mass immigration into the EU.


The effect of this global revolution, argues Kuby, is to restrict the freedom of

individuals whilst expanding State power. Kuby makes the case that individual

freedoms are best protected and expressed when set within the context of family, but

as key leaders of the sexual revolution perniciously attack this basis, those freedoms

are increasingly controlled and censored by the State. Kuby argues that the rise and

normalization of things like pornography, contraception, sexual promiscuity and

hyper-sexualisation of culture are among the most destructive weapons against the



The Global Sexual Revolution has not made Kuby a popular name in many circles.

This is because it calls out gender politics adherents on their platitudes of supposed

compassion and tolerance towards people of all genders. She proves, rather, that these

sexual progressives exhibit little tolerance towards dissenters of their ideology,

repressing and defaming alternative worldviews to their own, whilst harbouring

hidden agendas of a more sinister nature. Agendas such as population control, the

deliberate intent to increase State power, the reduction of individual freedoms,

inculcation of ideology and repression of free thought. As the book delineates, the

major players of gender politics are monopolizing every major global institute, from

the EU, social media, and the UN, whilst receiving billions in funding from such

moguls as Rockefeller, Bill Gates and George Soros.


Although they make regular attempts, it is impossible for Kuby’s detractors to be able

to convincingly paint her as a cultural alarmist and conspiracy theorist when she

corroborates her stance as well as she does. This does not deter them however, from

instigating smear campaigns against her, throwing vitriolic slander at her, distorting

her views, and accusing her of being a fascist, a Catholic extremist, a Nazi and a


xenophobe. A recent play shown in Berlin, for example, incites hatred towards her, ,

depicting her, as one of four women, as Nazi zombies that ‘need to be shot in the

head.’ Despite this defamation, Kuby remains unswerving in her mission to reveal the

virulent culture of left-wing politics in its agenda to destabilize and re-establish new

sexual norms.


Who knows, perhaps the Global Sexual Revolution will enter the annals of history as

a major catalyst in triggering a counter-revolution. Yet despite its subject material, the

book does not conclude on a doomsday note. The statistics and data proving the

institutional attack on individual freedoms and the family may be discouraging, yet

Kuby remains hopeful.

The book makes a compelling case for how the global sexual revolution is destroying

our freedoms, not increasing them. And its proposed solution is simple. The key to

combating the attack on the dignity and value of the individual and the family is to

encourage and support families to remain strong and united in what would essentially

be a retaliatory ‘bottom-up’ revolution. Families need to collectively reject the

normalcy of porn, sexualized culture, promiscuity and fundamentally, the new gender


The Global Sexual Revolution: The Destruction of Freedom in the Name of Freedom


is again made available in a new Australian edition, published by Parousia Media.

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